Monthly Challenge: Silhouettes

Hello! And welcome to my new photography blog. Thank you for being here to view and support my work. I truly appreciate it! My friend, Jessie Nelson, and I decided to do monthly challenges for ourselves. The first of which is silhouettes, and we would like to share these in a blog circle format. So once you’ve seen mine make sure to click Jessie’s blog link to see hers! A few weeks ago my family and I woke up way too early for my taste to go to the hot air balloon festival. After taking dozens of balloon pictures I wondered how I could make them more artistic. With the sun rising over the mountains I saw the perfect opportunity for silhouettes. So enjoy! Because you’ll hardly ever see morning light photos from this beauty sleeper! 20120610_0048 copy20120610_0095 copy20140826_3427_120140826_3428_2

On this morning I was grateful to have gotten up early. The beauty that lies around us is always there, always moving and changing with the light and elements, and always available for anyone who cares to stop and take notice. Now go check out Jessie’s silhouettes! Rock Creek Photography.


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