The Lake in Autumn

These images on my blog today represent why I do what I do, not only in photography, but in motherhood. For these moments, these memories, these feelings. These gifts of joy and life and adventure that I can give to these precious ones God has entrusted me with to raise and to watch over. Sometimes I question his reasoning in deciding I deserved them, but I’m forever grateful that he did. My story didn’t work out the way I dreamed, but he made it far better. These are the times that make me so grateful and make all of those hard anxious times worth it. I’m so grateful for the eyes God has given me to see the beauty in the world around me the way that I do, the heart he has given me to feel what I feel. I am someone who feels deeply. It makes grief deeper but joy brighter. This is how God made me and I’ll accept it since it makes the world rich in contrast, depth, texture, vibrance and life. I am grateful for the trials and sorrows I’ve had in this life because they have opened my eyes to the beauty of each moment, caused me to cherish what is before me now. I could not create art like this before my heart was broken, and before the light of my Savior seeped in through the cracks, healed my heart from the inside out, and made me whole again. These images are my soul, this is what fills me. I’m excited to share them with you and I do so with thanks to God for these rich treasures and the beauty of the earth as I move forward on this journey of both motherhood and creative expression through my art.

20120718_304020120718_2653_1  20120719_243920120718_2948

20120718_2816copy 20120718_2760copy20120718_275920120718_2843 copy3_1     “Mama, I make you a birfday cake.”                       20120718_2862_220120718_2863 copy

20120718_2866 copy20120718_2872 copy20120718_2881_5_120120718_2844 copy20120718_291820120718_2963 copy20120718_2964 copy20120718_2628 copy20120718_298120120718_2992 copy220120718_2892_120120718_271320120718_271220120718_302720120718_305120120718_304720120718_304520120718_3061 copy20120718_313920120718_3076copy20120718_3231_7

20120718_3239 copy20120718_3233 copyI just love the bokeh captured in her eyelashes. It’s one of those                                                 perfectly imperfect accidents that I end up loving.20120718_3247 copy copy20120718_3242 copy20120718_3245 copy20120718_3229 copy20120718_324620120718_3283 copy20120718_3260copy20120718_3115   And because I couldn’t decide between black and white and color.20120718_3155 copy20120718_3155_1_1_120120718_3156copy2_120120718_3156_2


One thought on “The Lake in Autumn

  1. This is Jessica- your photos are beautiful as are you! I’m so amazed at how open and at peace you are with yourself. You are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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