Monthly Challenge: Street Photography

For the theme of street photography for this month’s challenge my husband and I took to the city streets at night because it was the only time I could get away from the kids, while Grandma stayed with them. I love city images in black and white, and I also tried some freelensing which I share in this post. I’m doing a Project 52 of freelensing and this is my third week of 52. I’m getting the hang of it, but have made some changes since taking these to get more of the frame in focus. _DSC6838

_DSC6834_DSC6878Sometimes it’s hard to catch the moment with people on the move. This couple was holding hands and I did a terrible job at capturing it in between the posts. Instead I managed to block it very well twice, once while freelensing and then I stuck the lens back on and tried again and still missed it. But I was excited to find, after looking back at the second image later, that their clasped hands were perfectly captured in the reflection of the shop windows. _DSC6828_DSC6830_DSC6685_DSC6773_DSC6758_DSC6719_DSC6731_DSC6775_DSC6767My desktop computer that has my photoshop on it has not been working very well so I had to use my laptop and edit with iphoto. I would have liked to straighten this image but it can’t do something so comlicated. 🙂 Plus I wish it was sharper, but it was the best I could do handheld with a slow shutter. I still thought it was fun and turned out kinda cool.

_DSC6644Now go check out the other ladies’ takes on this challenge! Jessie Nelson, Elizabeth Pfaff, Miriam Hermansen, Rachel Allen.


One thought on “Monthly Challenge: Street Photography

  1. Okay. I am officially head over heels in love with the bike photos. And I do think it’s cool that we can see their hands in the reflection!


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