Monthly Challenge: Hearts

This month’s theme is ‘hearts.’ I knew I wanted to make cookies with the kids, I crave them at this time of year anyway, so it was perfect. I love this recipe from Our Best Bites,, the tips are great, and my favorite part is the almond extract! They’re so yummy! The recipe is perfect for either soft or crispy cookies. 20121201_3242 copyOne of the tips in the recipe is to roll out the dough between two sheets of wax or parchment paper and then put it in the fridge to chill on a cookie sheet. When you pull it out it is ready to cut, and since it is chilled the pieces come out of the dough perfectly, plus you don’t have to work the chilled dough with the rolling pin, which is always really hard work!20121201_3184 copy“Mom” ❤ 20121201_3215 copy 20121201_3200 copy copyHe said, “It’s a big happy heart family!” So precious!20121201_3195 copy220121201_3249 copyEven super heros like to make cookies. 20121201_3253 copy20121201_3258 copy220121201_3285 copyI love the little snitched cookie dough in his left hand.20121201_3294 copy20121201_3229 copyWaiting is sooo hard!20121201_3273 copyThank you! Here are the other photographer’s pages as well. Jessie NelsonAlea PetersRachel Belle, Elizabeth Pfaff.


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