On a Lazy Sunday

On this lazy and peaceful afternoon while we relaxed on my bed enjoying an unrushed moment, soft afternoon light witnessed gentle smiles and shared tenderness, our laughter tickled the air, sweet kisses brushed my cheeks and small hands found mine to nest in. But it was more than even that, it was seeing true smiles from the kids revealing their joy in this moment spent together, a moment of love affirmed. Love is everchanging, either growing or diminishing, requiring nurturing in order to thrive. As such, love is a living thing, it feels, it hurts, it grows, it blossoms as we choose to feed it, and in turn fills one of our emotional survival needs as human beings. It is in such pure moments of love as these that their young confidences are fortified and foundations of security are set, even if by a millimeter at a time. We all need more moments like these, putting aside our selfish distractions just to be together. Time given is the easiest and best way we can give love selflessly. As for me, I definitely need these moments to be build me up as well. Their joy seeps into me, scattering my worries. I need this as much as they do.

I determined this year to get in the photos with my kids more, the ones with me in it are taken by my six-year-old son and my nine-year-old niece. I think they did an amazing job, this getting in the photos thing will have more than one good outcome.

20121026_2865 copySweet boy faking sleep, he loves cuddles. 20121026_2868 copy copy20121026_2871 copy2Pretending sleep again. 20121026_287420121026_2906 copy20121026_289920121026_2915 copy2Feettickles20121026_288520121026_2858 copyThey love each other. I love the tenderness in this image, capturing these honest moments is what I do this for. Here’s both black and white and color because each have a beautiful mood to them.20121026_287720121026_2877 copy copy2


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