Monthly Challenge: Motion


I posted this set of images on my fb page last month. Each one is motion frozen but together they show movement. So, I didn’t shoot anything new this month for motion, but my life’s been in full speed motion lately, so I lived it instead. Haha, I know the metaphor’s a stretch. I’ve hardly shot anything the past couple of weeks as I’ve been taking care of my Grandma and painting the new place we’ll be moving into soon and packing and stuff. I did some freelensing today and I felt so renewed. I really do this photography thing for me. Yeah, it’s great for the kids to have their memories captured, but I was doing it long before they came around, and will do it long after. This just fills me, and after all the stress these past couple of weeks, I felt so grateful for my little moment today to take a few pictures of some flowers in my windowsill, given to me by a friend this week. Hopefully I’ll get around to sharing a few.

Anyway, back to these images, I’ll let you in on my editing experience. Since I wanted to present them in a set, I had to make everything the same except for the little dancer, so that the focus would be on her movement. First of all, the hill was not perfectly round on top like this, but the left side of it was. So I copied the left side of the hill plus some sky, and flipped it over horizontally to the right side. That gave me the rounded hill top. When I was taking the images, there was some variation in the angles and crops, so the easiest thing to do was to copy the subject using the select tool and drag her over the first image, resizing the layer to match her same height. This ensured that the backgrounds were the same. Then I used the erase tool, at about 50% opacity on the selected layer to blend the hard edge of the layer to the background.

And, I’m typing this late at night, so if this doesn’t make sense and you would like more clarification then feel free to ask.


One thought on “Monthly Challenge: Motion

  1. Love that you’re living life in full speed motion! These pictures are great. I like the silhouette. You sure spend more time editing than I do!


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