Boy [boi] n. 1. a noise with dirt on it

They asked if they could use the water guns outside. I said yes and they ran to get dressed for a water fight. They’d only been out there a few minutes before their water squirting turned into mud making and brother painting. I could have been mad, I think everyone expected me to be. But this time I laughed, and took pictures. They are boys after all, and they only have this one chance at childhood. The phrase I keep repeating to myself these days is “Keep calm and take pictures.” There are many times I wish I had followed that advice. Like the time a couple of years ago they emptied one on my tubs of lotion all over each other. It was in their hair, on their clothes, and covered the whole bathroom, not forgetting to make sure the toilet had a good lather too. That time I didn’t take pictures and I wish I had. This time I snapped away and let them enjoy being boys. I’ll just get back at them by showing their girlfriends someday. 20121221_3538 copy320121221_354520121221_355520121221_3575 copy20121221_3584 copy220121221_3597 copy220121221_358220121221_3583 copy220121221_3589 copy20121221_3589 copy420121221_3588 copy20121221_3631 copy20121221_360620121221_362920121221_3630_120121221_3615 copy220121221_3614

20121221_3647View Post20121221_3651 copy


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