Monthly Challenge: Get in the Photos with Your Kids

This month’s challenge was to get in the photos with our kids, in honor of Mother’s Day. The kids and I have been doing a lot of art projects lately and plan to do a lot over the summer. So shooting us together doing chalk art is a good way to describe our lives lately. My six year old, Kyler, drew this picture of me saying, “It’s you when you’re an old old girl.” I love the picket fence in front of my house when I’m old. He also drew himself fulfilling his dream to become a pizza delivery guy, delivering a towering stack of pizza’s to me. Now that’s true love. And then there’s Jace’s little person. And yes, he changes his mind frequently as to whether these kind of drawings are spiders or people, but I’m just excited he’s actually drawing! It’s been nothing but scribbles until a few months ago. I love his little spider people. And I was there too! See my toes?20150519_4692copyI painted this big flower pot with black chalk board paint so the kids could extend their drawings up the sides. They have been loving it! And I’m proud to say this idea came completely out of my own brain, and not from pinterest. Although I am addicted to that sweet site. 20150519_472920150519_4740We moved into this new place about six weeks ago. It’s small, but it’s ours. After living with my parents for 15 months we are grateful to have our own place again. We love them and really enjoyed it there, but we really need to focus on just our little family for now. Plus I have been loving decorating my own space again. It’s my other passion and will definitely share some pictures when it’s done. Since it’s so small the front porch is where we spend a lot of our time. I think this spot with become a favorite place to be over the summer. 20150519_4743And here’s another version of me, a portrait by none other than my most adoring fans. They had me lay down on the sidewalk and then they traced around my body. Ain’t I cute? I’m Iron Woman, by the way. Just in case you couldn’t tell. 🙂20150519_4745_DSC0862This little Harry Potter crazy really wanted some face paint today. He cannot get enough of Harry Potter. And I cannot get enough of those curls and that sweet face and those bright eyes. He has always  had that bright spark in his eyes, even as a baby. 20150519_4748Kyler took these two, I love them. 20150519_4753


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