A Day In The Life

I’ve been wanting to do A Day In The Life photo project for a over a year now, and I finally got around to doing it, although it’s taken me two months to get the pictures edited and blogged. I wanted to do it before my oldest was out of Kindergarten so we could remember what those days were like. He’ll be starting 1st grade soon and things will just never be quite the same with him in school all day and it’s tearing at my heart knowing he’ll be in school longer than he’ll be home. So here’s what our days were like two months ago.

June 10, 2015:

I found a little bug in my bed when I woke up.DSC_1887_1_1 DSC_1891

It’s always a struggle to get Kyler to want to eat breakfast, he’s just not very hungry until about 9 or 10.


Luckily this morning he went for the Cinnamon Chex cereal in the red bowl. He’s my red lover.


I can’t get the boys to stop writing on their bodies. It just means they’re creative, right?

DSC_1926_1  DSC_1935_1_1 DSC_1936_1_1 DSC_1937_1_1 DSC_1940_1_1 DSC_1947 DSC_1949_2

This photo didn’t quite go as I’d imagined, since he hit the ground running, but there’s his elbow and backpack!


“Dandies for you Mom,” I get them every time we walk to and from the front door.

DSC_1985 DSC_2008_2

Birthday cake! Can you see it? He makes birthday cakes out of any medium he can, blocks, sand, pillows, and here’s one in clay.


While he plays I unload the dishes. If I can unload the dishes, make my bed and start a load of laundry at the start of each day then I feel that I’m off to a good start.


Jace helped me pay some bills, the kids have been loving to help me by putting on the Harry Potter stamps.


I love doing Zumba for exercise. I have some Zumba videos and lately I discovered Refitrev on youtube that does tons of dance workout videos. Jace likes to dance with me, but usually ends up wanting me to hold him.

DSC_2070 DSC_2081 DSC_2083 DSC_2109

At noon we head to pick up Kyler from half day Kindergarten. It’s hard to get him to leave because he has a couple of buddies that he wants to still play with and whose Mom’s I’ve become really good friends with. So I usually talk to those moms for a few minutes.

DSC_2118_1 DSC_2121

Then we stop at Grandma and Grandpa’s house who live behind the school. A favorite after school tradition if we have the time.

DSC_1965_2 DSC_2128_1

Kyler climbed his favorite climbing tree while Jace found a feather, most likely a duck feather from the nearby ponds. This is the house I grew up in, and in July my parents sold the house, so we were trying to get as much time there as we could.

DSC_2137_1 DSC_2139_1

We had lunch with Papa which turned into play time with Papa.

DSC_2168 DSC_2178DSC_2176 DSC_2177

Time to measure up! DSC_2156_1_1 DSC_2163_1

That afternoon we went to the library to meet up with friends for Super Hero Day. Jace dressed up as Bumblebee and Kyler as Harry Potter. They made masks and magnets, jumped over buildings, rescued a dog from a pool of lava, and several more activities. The library does a great job of making these activities fun.

DSC_2179_1 DSC_2180_1 DSC_2184 DSC_2201 DSC_2193 DSC_2197DSC_2190

From the library we went straight to swimming lessons at the YMCA.

DSC_2205 DSC_2221

I feel this tired after swimming hard too, Buddy. It’s fun having my kids taking swim lessons in the same place I did swim team in High School.


Dad met up with us at the pool after getting out of nursing school for the day. On top of school he has also been working full time at the hospital in the operating room as an assistant and he’s been extremely tired when he gets home. I’m so grateful for this hard working man.


At home the boys get right into their PJs and Dad reads to them. I really love this picture.


He and Kyler finished The Wyrm King from the Spiderwick Chronicles and when it was finished Kyler got so excited about writing his own story that he ran to the table to start it. “Chapter 1,” it says. He’s in love with books and has an amazing vocabulary and imagination.


Dinner time! Not all are happy about it.


This is one of my favorite meals and it’s pretty easy. It’s grilled chicken with a homemade blackberry basalmic vinegar sauce. It’s yummy!


Jace is hungry after all and surprisingly goes for the lettuce first!


Kyler wants grapefruit instead of oranges and who am I to argue? He loves grapefruit, I can’t complain about that.


The kids wind down with a pillow fight on my bed and then Kyler and I hurry outside to water the almost forgotten about flowers.

DSC_2257 DSC_2258 DSC_2302

The day finishes up with books, snuggles, songs and prayers. Jace always asks for “double snuggles,” or  “super long snuggles.” Snuggling with them and singing to them at bedtime is probably my favorite time of the day. They still love it and I’ll soak it up as long as I can.  The day almost always concludes with our favorite song. “I love you today, I love you tomorrow, I love you as deep as the sea. I love you in joy, I love you in sorrow, you can always come home to me.”DSC_2312These images aren’t perfect, and I am definitely far from perfect. But that’s life. I’m always struggling with establishing a routine and giving them enough of me. Motherhood is the greatest thing I’ve ever done and also the hardest. Each boy was a miracle, I fought so hard to get them, but raising them has been the biggest challenge of all. It saps every ounce of my energy, tests every one of my limits, finds my innermost weaknesses and brings them out for the world to see, forcing me to face the darkest parts of myself and overcome them. And hopefully someday those weaknesses will become strengths as I’m forced to practice getting better at them every day. Patience, for example. I should be good at that by now, but it’s still a daily challenge. Being a mother to these kids that God has given me is truly the greatest joy and blessing of my life and I’m so very grateful I get to be home with them every day. As much as I feel defeated some days, I absolutely love being a mother. It was always my greatest aspiration, and I am so in love with my children, they are the light of my life.


5 thoughts on “A Day In The Life

    1. Thank you so much Georgia. I’ve missed seeing you on Facebook! But I totally understand the need to disconnect from the screen. Thank you so much for your compliments and for taking the time to look through these!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i looked at all the posts, but didn’t have a chance to comment on them all. but everything is so lovely. love the post on turning 30. oh to be 30 again!! i’d give anything to go back 14 years. =)

        your photography continues to blossom!

        i needed to see your work. i have sort of lost heart in my photography, and i really want to get back out there and work at it again… even if just for personal work.

        have missed you as well. at least now i can follow your blog, as i am a “wordpresser”, too, and now i’m following your blog. if i can’t see it on facebook because of my self-imposed limit on facebook time, at least i’ll see it here.


  1. you have just inspired me to do one! I should maybe do one of these like every 4 months! just to be able to have like some sort of new digital baby book of sort. Loved it Lauren!!!!


    1. Thank you Zaira! You should do it! It’s such a great project. It really made me realize that there are so many more moments worth capturing that are easily overlooked. And I agree, I need to do it often. I feel like I need to do one before summer is over! Ok I got two more days to do it!


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