Boogie Boarding

These are from two different trips to the river to go boogie boarding at a spot that we love and my family’s been going to for a long time. It’s at a manmade kayak course where you can ride the wave on a boogie board, staying in the same place until you get pushed out. It’s really fun, but obviously my favorite part was taking pictures of the kids. But if you look all the way through then you’ll be able to see a video of me doing it!

Also, I tried using VSCO presets for the first time on some of these. I do like the color tones they give, but the blacks and the contrast were so heavy I really had to tone them down. So some of these have VSCO with my adjustments and some are my own edits. It’s taken me a long time to even try any presets, because I like everything to be my own work and creation. But I finally decided to look at presets like a tool to accomplish my own vision, and as a new learning experience. I think there will definitely be times in the future that I will be using VSCO. There’s a place for them, sometimes I like them and sometimes I don’t. I also started making my own presets in Lightroom and so some of these have those presets.

Part OneDSC_3686-2DSC_3679-1DSC_3690-3 DSC_3694-4DSC_3695-5 DSC_3696-6  DSC_3697-7DSC_3705-10All of the above photos are my own edits. The next several I used VSCO and made adjustments from there.
DSC_3719-14  DSC_3721-16DSC_3733-17DSC_3737-18


Part Two

DSC_3922-34 DSC_3923-35 DSC_3935-36 DSC_3936-78 DSC_3948-37These next few are my own presets. DSC_3958-83 DSC_3960-84 DSC_3962-85 DSC_3973-44 DSC_3976-45 DSC_3980-46The above photo was done only in Lightroom. The below photo I did the same as above and then opened it in Photoshop to touch it up. I only recently started using Lightroom and I’ve learned a lot, but Photoshop still has my heart. The difference between this two reminds me of that.  DSC_3988-48 And back to VSCODSC_3993-79Spiderman vs Sandman haha.                                         DSC_3999-51 DSC_4015-54   Waiting for Dad to come to shore.DSC_4025-56DSC_4027-57 DSC_4053-58 DSC_4057-76my edit
DSC_4056-59DSC_4044-80 DSC_4046-81I pulled the car over to a scenic look out to take this picture. He was admiring the sunset and it was so sweet. Although after this picture he said to his brother “Stare straight at the sun until your eyes hurt! It’s so cool!” DSC_4059-61

The sun is setting on a beautiful summer. But we’ve made some great memories and I love the fact that a beautiful fall awaits us with all the memories yet to be made in it.

And here’s a video of me to show you what this boogie boarding on the river things is. I look like a dork with the goggles on, but without them I feel like my contacts will be washed away at any second. I’m definitely still in the beginner category, but my brother does some cool tricks! I wish he had come with us on these trips!


One thought on “Boogie Boarding

  1. This is so stinkin cool! You look like a rock star, Lauren! This has definitely been put on my list of things to try.

    We sooo need to get together and shoot and talk photography. I like most of those vsco edits and like your own even better! The vsco presets fit your style of editing though. Lightroom took me a long while to find my vision in too, but I still like my photos best when I use a combo of both Lightroom AND Photoshop. Some of those photos are stunning. You definitely know how to chase that light.


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