Hike in the Foothills

For my dad’s birthday we gathered in a park at the base of the foothills near the downtown area for dinner and hiking. DSC_4084-1 DSC_4091-4 DSC_4092-5 DSC_4095-6 DSC_4096-7 DSC_4097-8 DSC_4101-9The light was so lovely I couldn’t help just snapping pictures of whatever there was, including everyone eating, haha.

DSC_4104-10 DSC_4105-11  DSC_4106-12 DSC_4108-1DSC_4107-13Then there was this amazing tree.  DSC_4129-19 DSC_4130-20 DSC_4134-21 DSC_4136-22 DSC_4137-23 I’d really like to go back to this tree for a photo shoot with my boys to get one to print really big. DSC_4140-24 DSC_4147-25 DSC_4149-26 DSC_4159-29 DSC_4162-30 Jace-dancing-RecoveredNext to the playground at this park there was this awesome workout area. The kids enjoyed it even if they didn’t know how to use the equipment correctly.DSC_4164-31 DSC_4165-32 DSC_4175-33 DSC_4183-34 DSC_4184-35 DSC_4180-2DSC_4185-36 DSC_4187-37 DSC_4189-38 DSC_4201-41This panorama was stitched together from three photos in photoshop. The last time I tried this was about 8 years ago and photoshop has really improved in this area. The seems look flawless.

Untitled_Panorama1 DSC_4204-42 DSC_4213-43 DSC_4218-44 DSC_4226-45 DSC_4236-46 Holding hands ❤ DSC_4237-47 DSC_4240-48 DSC_4242-49 DSC_4243-50 DSC_4250-54Steep going down the mountain bike course!DSC_4248-52 DSC_4251-55 DSC_4252-56 DSC_4255-57 DSC_4257-58 DSC_4265-59 DSC_4266-60


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