The Whomping Willow

My kids call this tree The Whomping Willow. Ever since we found it a couple months ago tucked away in the corner of a park where no one noticed it, we’ve felt the need to give it more attention. It’s quite incredible, as you can see. I told the kids about how I used to have a favorite climbing tree that had the perfect fork in it for sitting, where I would escape to read books. It’s long willow branches hung down almost to the ground, hiding me from view, and my branch hung out slightly over a pond. I would stare up into the branches and leaves far above, day dreaming my big dreams for life. All kids need such a place. This one’s a bit too far away from us to visit it often enough, but the times we have been there have been magical. I specifically wanted to go this time to try to get some pictures to print big for a couple empty frames I have. I let them dress themselves, not worrying about color since my vision for these was black and white. And my only instructions to them were to play. DSC_5812-1DSC_5818-1DSC_5824-2DSC_5829-5 DSC_5830-6 DSC_5833-7 DSC_5835-8 DSC_5840-9DSC_5823-1 DSC_5853-10 DSC_5858-11 DSC_5897-12 DSC_5899-13 DSC_5912-15 DSC_5913-16 DSC_5922-18DSC_5915-1 DSC_5925-19 DSC_5928-20 DSC_5937-21


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