from one generation to the next

I set out to do a fall photo shoot with my boys and I’ve really been wanting to use these old cameras that belonged to my dad and grandpa. I love the feeling of history they brought to the shoot, and that they bring to my home everyday where they are displayed. It creates an opportunity to teach my kids about their ancestors. My grandpa has passed and I love having a piece of him to hold on to. And it’s so fun to imagine my dad using his polaroid back in the day. I love that it still has a sticker label on it with his nick name Danny Frost. He goes by Dan now, but I love knowing he went by Danny as a boy. As an added bonus, it really helped to give my kids something to play with during the session. I’ve done this a couple times with them for more formal shoots. I’ve used big lollipops and other props and it really helps them stay in one place and adds a lot to the images as well.



One thought on “from one generation to the next

  1. Those are some DARLING brother pictures!!! Lauren! So cute, right down to their coordinating colored pants. Though I have to say I think I love the black and white conversions on some of these best. It brings out the ‘vintage’ feel with the cameras.


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