Marysville, Montana

Marysville, Montana is near Helena, Montana, which is where my husband grew up and where we were spending Thanksgiving. We took a drive out to this little ghost town one day during our vacation, not fearing the snowy roads one bit. I love how the snow falling peacefully around these buildings adds to the stillness of this long forgotten town. It was falling thick and fast, and I was the only one who got out of the car, just to get a few pictures. My kids were sad they couldn’t get out though. Then my husband played his all-too-old joke of pretending to drive off without me, his cue that I’m taking too long. But I think it was worth it for these images. DSC_9629-1This panorama was created with three images.DSC_9633-1

Color and black and white, sometimes it’s hard to choose. DSC_9635-1DSC_9635-3DSC_9639-4DSC_9650-5This panorama was created with eight images.DSC_9647copy2-Edit-1


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