Morning session at Utah Lake

I had the opportunity to photograph my cousin’s beautiful family down in Utah at Utah Lake. I’ve decided that this is my favorite family size to shoot for sessions. Two parents and one baby that they are absolutely enamored with and can give all of their attention to. It’s easy to capture real emotion and the love they have for their little one. It’s a special time in life as your new family gets started and there’s so much excitement with every new thing your child learns. It feels like life has really begun, and this is what you’ve waited and yearned for all your life and it’s finally happening. It’s  a beautiful season and I know my cousin and her husband are really enjoying it. This session definitely made it to my top 10 list of favorite sessions ever.DSC_7513-1DSC_7516-2DSC_7519-3DSC_7530-4DSC_7538-5I was excited to find out this one’s her favorite and she’s printing it big for the living room. For some reason, sun flares help add to beautiful emotion, as if all the world is rejoicing in their sweet family and the love they have for each other. The heavens open, the angels are singing, and the sun shines down upon them and blesses their love.DSC_7552-6DSC_7561-7DSC_7565-8

DSC_7566-9 DSC_7569-10
DSC_7582-12DSC_7586-13DSC_7578-11DSC_7593-14DSC_7609-16DSC_7610-17DSC_7619-18 DSC_7624-19DSC_7630-20DSC_7642-21DSC_7645-22DSC_7650-23DSC_7686-24DSC_7692-25    I photographed a big announcement for them too! I’m so happy for her, it’s her second successful round of IVF and it’s another boy!DSC_7717-26DSC_7727-27DSC_7735-28


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