Sunday Selfies

I’ve been making a diligent effort this year to get in front of the camera at least once a month. And so far so good! Here’s March’s pictures and I ended up with several favorites! These were taken on a Sunday afternoon while hanging out on my bed. Two of us still had our church clothes on, one didn’t. I don’t often pick out styled clothes for a shoot, I prefer a more documentary style of photography. I’ve decided that if I’m going to be in the pictures I want to document my relationship with my kids and real moments that happen at home. I’m not interested in making myself or my children look like a models. I do not seek to portray us as a perfect type of family or in a perfect setting. We are messy, we are chaos. We live in a small condo with my desk, a bookshelf, a closet for laundry, a door to the garage and an open floor plan into the bathroom, all in my bedroom.

My kids love using the timer as well as getting to take some of the pictures themselves. When I put my camera in their hands they have no concept of the rules, they just shoot like crazy and among all of the out of focus shots and awful compositions there are some perfectly imperfect shots that are brilliantly captured. I love them. The more they practice the better they get, it’s fun to see what they see through the lens. DSC_2012

My oldest had an ear infection and wasn’t feeling well, poor buddy. But as ever he is full of smiles and there’s not much that gets him down for long.


The ones with all of us were taken with the timer while the camera perched on the windowsill, with the hopes that it was pointed at us and in focus. And while some weren’t, I still love them. They are precious to me. I hope my boys always remember that I was a mom who snuggled with them. We hang out on my bed and have great talks. This little slice of time is one I’ll always cherish.





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