Table Rock Hike


We had a lovely spring break but the weather was very unpredictable from day to day. We’re not usually ones to let the weather stop us, though. I’ve always loved watching clouds, the incredible shapes and textures they create and how quickly they change. The light and shadow playing off of them and at different times of day are always new and fascinating. They are never the same twice and I find myself staring at them regularly, my family likes to tease me for it :). But observing the beauty around you is the first step in being an artist. A favorite art professor of mine taught about learning from the Master Artist, Jesus Christ. Every element of design is found in nature, and we have much to learn from Him. I’ve always felt that the beauty has already been created, I’m simply here to capture it, and I seek to honor Him by doing so. Whether it be in the incredible way that clouds shift or in the eyes of His most glorious creations, his children, I find the masterful work of His artistry in everything.


The hills looked amazing under the shifting light of the clouds, but this sweet hand in mine was my favorite view.DSC_2135DSC_2157

My hubby the Eagle Scout is always teaching them about things they find in nature. Here he saw some pistachio shells and asked them if they could spot what didn’t belong there naturally.DSC_2178



I love seeing a panorama come together. Too bad it looks so small on the blog. I found a place that will print panoramas though, so I’m going to get that done.DSC_2201-Pano



My bug lover loved this fuzzy black caterpillar and the boys had fun identifying tracks and answering Dad’s questions like, “How many different kinds of dogs walked here?”

Then Kyler said “Dad, I think these are snake tracks!!”

“Close… those are bike tracks.”




I know it may seem like a documentary of the hike these three guys had one day, but I was there too! I just can’t stop taking pictures of them the whole time! So here we are at the cave we found and I’m grateful Mark offered to take this picture.DSC_2268DSC_2274


For this black and white one I used a freebie action from Erin Hensley, but brought up the blacks some, it’s a very contrasty action and I really like it on this tree.

DSC_2315DSC_2319Watching the storm roll in over the city and foothills.DSC_2333-PanoDSC_2334DSC_2336My sister made us promise to snap a family pic, so I attribute this one to her! I set the camera on a bench, which is there because it’s a very busy look out spot and set the timer. The rain started drizzling on us when this was taken and then we ran for it all the way back down the hill to the car as the rain came down upon is. It was a pretty short little hike, though, so it didn’t take long and the rain was already blowing over by the time we got back to the car. It was a grand little adventure.DSC_2337



One thought on “Table Rock Hike

  1. These are stunning Lauren!!! I love panos too. That looks like such a gorgeous place I visit. So glad you all enjoyed this family adventure. I love that you got in the frame too. 😊


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