A Day For Bubbles

These are from Mother’s Day and I’m just now getting them blogged. My boys and hubby gave me a beautiful day. We went to church together, something Mark hasn’t gotten to do for almost a year, because he’s been working weekends. He took the weekend off to celebrate Jace’s birthday party on Saturday, and his graduation from nursing school. Plus he was able to see the boys’ soccer games for the first time that morning. We had a bunch of family come into town and it was a very full Friday and Saturday, so Sunday we took it easy. After church the boys all took me by the hand and brought me to my bed, tucked me in and told me to take a nap. Then they cooked me the most fabulous dinner, macaroni and cheese with hot dogs in it. 🙂 I was just glad I didn’t have to cook and it was so sweet, one for the memory book. We spent the evening blowing these huge bubbles with this new toy from the birthday party. It makes awesome big bubbles! It was one of those sweet and simple moments that don’t look like much but mean everything. DSC_4544This is how happy Mark is to be done with school!DSC_4582Bubbles and bokeh…. so yummyDSC_4591DSC_4607DSC_4619DSC_4644DSC_4647DSC_4648This bubble reminds me of Dumbo’s loopy dream.DSC_4649DSC_4662                                                                                     Pop!!DSC_4683DSC_4606DSC_4664DSC_4665DSC_4667DSC_4670DSC_4676After bubbles we took a walk down to the gas station to get a red box. DSC_4704DSC_4731DSC_4736DSC_4738DSC_4739DSC_4750


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