100 Days of Summer Week 1

I’ve started a new project doing a picture a day for 100 days throughout the summer. I love the idea of a photo journal and I believe shooting daily will help me recognize more of the photographic and beautiful moments in my life. I miss too many opportunities that really need to be captured. I often shrug them off, feeling that they will surely be repeated and I’ll get it the next time. Or I start feeling overwhelmed with the editing I already have to do, and if I take more it will just add to the pile. Both of these ideas take away from the true passion I feel burning within me to create beautiful art and to document the journey of my sweet family. When I seek to document my family honestly, I find so much beauty in the life that we share, I remember what it was like to be a child and I feel so filled with the joy that the creative process brings. It won’t always be award winning or frame worthy, but it will be daily and I’m excited for the moments to come that will be captured and for the personal growth that will surely come. My problem with shooting daily is that I can’t stop at just one picture a day. So I’m going to share one for each day on facebook, but several more here. I consider this a family journal so bear with me as this blogging journey may be considered over sharing in the social media world.

Day 1/100 An evening at a new playground, playing Follow the Leader. Kyler made us go where ever he went, across the monkey bars, up and over the rope ladder and down the slide. He was quite tricky and I got my work out.DSC_5115Scraped elbows are a sure sign of summer.DSC_5100 DSC_5133 DSC_5147This project is for these two, one brown-eyed and one blue-eyed love. DSC_5149DSC_5095DSC_5178Look who started riding a bike on his own this week! He caught on so fast! He kept saying “I’m so proud of myself!”

Day 2/100 Slugs and Bugs and Lullabies, the name of a kids’ CD we have, but a fitting title for this moment, as he was outside in his PJs at bedtime, finding a slug and making friends with it. He has such a curious awe for the small and precious things of this world.  DSC_5189DSC_5190DSC_5205Day 3/100 Memorial Day. We had a nice slow morning in pajamas and then met up with my family at the park for a picnic and bike riding. There were hundreds of flags set up at the park in honor of fallen soldiers. I’m so grateful to live in this country, and for the men and women who protect us daily and for those who have died fighting for our freedom. DSC_5221I think he’s part cat, he likes to lay on the back of the couch in the sun.DSC_5224He’s always engrossed in his audio books. I’ve never known a kid to like listening to audio books so much. They are always on. He’s listened to Harry Potter books 1-5 more times than I even know, 20 times maybe? I force him to listen to other stories from the library sometimes to break it up. He’s usually playing with legos while he listens, he has busy little hands and keen listening ears. Except when he’s supposed to, of course, like when it comes to doing jobs and listening to mom :).DSC_5234DSC_5238We had an epic day at the park. For the first time ever we were all on our own bikes without any training wheels!! It was a challenging ride for them, though, and there were many falls. Jace still has a hard time getting started by himself, and can’t stop without falling to the side, and Kyler’s pedal fell off, even though it’s a brand new bike. We ended up taking the bike back and getting one somewhere else.DSC_5242

Day 4/100 Dance party and a moment of craziness, but check out those moves!!DSC_5282DSC_5291And a moment of stillness shortly after. DSC_5305A new favorite image… I love the sweet lines of his face. This project is already worth it. DSC_5306 DSC_5321Pretending, but still cute.DSC_5323He keeps me hopping!DSC_5325Day 5/100   This sweet guy keeps me busy. I’ve taken on a full time      babysitting job and he is just a little ball of sunshine that makes us all happy.

DSC_5340DSC_5368Dinner time is a circus.DSC_5422DSC_5423It’s a hard knock life….DSC_5428I love my new little succulents. Although I do not have a green thumb and they are already looking much worse than they do in these pictures. Am I watering them too much or too little? I’m not sure, but the petals are getting wrinkly and thin like they’re drying up so I keep giving them more water, but maybe they’re more like a cactus. Anybody know?DSC_5433 DSC_5454 DSC_5459DSC_5474DSC_5475I’m glad to say that evening story time with Dad is a staple in their childhood.DSC_5505

Day 6/100 One time I told them about how we used to turn our bikes over as kids and pretend they were ice cream machines. When we turned the pedals to make the tire spin, the ice cream would churn and then you could hold your ‘cone’ up to it and get it filled up. They’ve never forgotten my story and keep on working hard at making their own ice cream.

Day 7/100  Bagels and morning light. I love finding natural bokeh in light and shadows.                           DSC_5548

Investigating the “sticky stuff” on the tree. DSC_5566


DSC_5591Jump!DSC_5601 DSC_5608


Day 8/100 Sometimes, it will be snapshots. I meant to get more during the day, but this is what I ended up with. But hey, at least I took pictures right? It’s not every day that I’ve got Spiderman and “Hulk Buster” hanging out in my room and jumping on my bed. I will miss this when they stop wanting to dress up and hang out with me, not to mention having my own personal super heros to save my day. Jace is constantly telling me he will protect me from anything bad happening to me and that he will never let me die. He says I’m his true love and he wants to marry me. Could I ask for anything more? What a sweet and gentle heart he has, on top of all that mischief. But it’s so easy to forget all of his shenanigans when he says stuff like that.


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