June highlights 100 days of summer

Day 9/100 Saying good morning to Daddy while he was at work.

Day 10/100

DSC_5674Day 11/100 Sweet babe just out of the tub, the little guy I babysit.

Day 12/100 Breakfast

DSC_5756Was that your cinnamon toast?DSC_5777


Day 13/100 “The paint got on my face…”

“Hmmm, I wonder how.”

DSC_5903Day 14/100  Because the bear needs a fort too..DSC_5930Walkathon evidenceDSC_5915

Day 15/100 StrongDSC_5983

Day 16/100 Summer eveningsDSC_6004

DSC_6020Day 17/100 Cousins, you know she’s tolerant when..

Day 18/100 “Mama can I paint your nails?”DSC_6039Stop and smell the mint…DSC_6058DSC_6055Day 19/100 New Wubble BallDSC_6071Day 20/100 More Wubble Ball funDSC_6117

Day 21/100 My niece’s 11 year old birthday partyDSC_6227And there’s Kyler right in the middle of all the older girls and loving it.. oh boy.DSC_6196I learned a lot about 11 year old girls, for example, they’re very expressive!DSC_6254And then there’s Jace having his own grand time.DSC_6307Day 22/100

Day 23/100 Father’s Day, we got together my my side of the family and had fabulous steak with an awesome recipe I found on pinterest, playing outside and an outdoor movie.


Day 24/100 Morning light and sleepy eyesDSC_6416DSC_6422And later.. sno cones at the parkDSC_6429Day 25/100

My June photo for getting in the frame.

DSC_6502Day 26/100 A friend stops by with her new puppy Chihuahua.DSC_6546DSC_6554DSC_6566Jace is in love.DSC_6534

Day 27/100 Craters of The Moon National Park

DSC_6656DSC_6747DSC_6754DSC_6764DSC_6792DSC_6796Looking down a dormant volcanic spatter cone. It was extremely windy that day!

28/100  At the Jensen family reunion it was cold, rainy and so windy we had to tie the tents to the cars. During the downpour Mark started a game of tag that ended in a wrestling match, him against all twelve grandkids. It helped pass the time and made the rain more fun, and they hardly noticed when the rain stopped.DSC_6848DSC_6857DSC_6853Cousins and campfiresDSC_6909DSC_691829/100DSC_6961DSC_6991DSC_6984DSC_6997Day 30/100 Back homeDSC_7002Day 31/100 Drawing pictures of our camping trip to send to Grandma. DSC_7083DSC_7078DSC_7077DSC_7068Day 32/100 Swimming at my mom’s neighborhood pool, a summertime staple.DSC_7099DSC_7135DSC_7137Mermaid tail!DSC_7127Jace loves doing the dead drop over and over again.

Day 33/100 Late night readingDSC_7174





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