100 Days of Summer -July

Day 41/100DSC_7848DSC_7859DSC_7881DSC_7895Day 42/100 One more snuggle Mama!DSC_7922Day 43/100 Our local town’s Fun Days and water parade! It is such a blast! My brother and his little family came for long visit. You’ll probably be able to tell, but I’m enamored with her darling ways and her adorable curls!

DSC_7925 DSC_7929 These curls! I die!DSC_7932DSC_7941During the water portion of the parade, the parade sprays the crowds and the crowds spray the parade! It’s hilarious and so much fun! My family really gets into it!DSC_7992DSC_7995DSC_7999DSC_8013DSC_8018DSC_8023DSC_8041Reach!!DSC_8047Best ice cream swirl we’ve ever had at our local Burger Den! DSC_8053In honor of the fallen police officers as well as civilians. I though we were over racism several decades ago! What is the deal!?! DSC_8059We followed the parade up with swimming at Grandma’s, of course.DSC_8124DSC_8121DSC_8061And to end the day of festivities, I got the kids ready for bed.. and then stuffed them in the car with their blankets to go watch the fireworks. We just had to see them since we missed watching fireworks for the 4th the week before.DSC_8129 Day 44/100 DSC_8211DSC_8180DSC_8182DSC_8190Sad face, but he really wasn’t sad.DSC_8192-4Day 45/100 More swimming!DSC_8219DSC_8222 DSC_8234 DSC_8259 DSC_8253 Crossroads at the topDSC_8239Day 46/100 Fun at the library! DSC_8268Day 48/100 Playing at a little beach at a nearby pond.DSC_8277 DSC_8295 DSC_8323


2 thoughts on “100 Days of Summer -July

  1. You’re inspiring me to start my own photography project of some kind! I love the dappled light on your son’s face at the park. And that parade? How awesome is that?!! Way cool. And that snuggle photo. So so sweet. Your photos are beautiful, Lauren. This is a project that will bring back so many memories!


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