Family Reunion Camping Trip 2016

For the first time in forever we went camping with my parents and all of my siblings. We had so much fun, I hope it becomes a yearly tradition.
DSC_8329Kyler was so scared for a while to go out on the water, but he conquered his fears with some coaching from Dad and by the end was cruising all over as long as Dad was next to him in his kayak. DSC_8337   DSC_8339DSC_8347DSC_8353-2 DSC_8357DSC_8359 DSC_8361 DSC_8365DSC_8366DSC_8374DSC_8375DSC_8382DSC_8396DSC_8398DSC_8401DSC_8407DSC_8408My little mini-me. I have a picture of me in this exact life jacket with curly blonde hair just like hers. I’ve got to find that picture.  DSC_8342The next morning.. learning to saw wood with Papa.DSC_8440 DSC_8446 DSC_8449 Crafting!! My sister brought all the stuff to make aquariums in mason jars with plastic toys. It turned out awesome, and the winner for the best one was my crafty hubby!DSC_8451DSC_8431DSC_8438-3We played down at a new kayak park where we watched my brother kayak on the wave, but I didn’t get many pictures there.
DSC_8454In the afternoon a few of us went on a beautiful hike to a lake overlook. The drive there scared me half to death as we drove straight up the mountain to the very top. The dirt roads made the truck slip around a little and the steep cliffs out the side of my window  had me gripping the o-crap handles the whole time and closing my eyes. I don’t get car sick, but I get car anxious because of some past experiences. This ride was a doozy. The view from the top was beautiful and the hike even more gorgeous. From the bottom of the mountain I had no idea it would be so beautiful at the top. It’s called Granite Peak and it is covered in gorgeous granite outcroppings. I love getting out in nature, I feel so at peace there. I guess the drive was worth it.DSC_8506DSC_8502


Snow!!! I was their favorite target. 🙂DSC_8525DSC_8527DSC_8540 DSC_8551 DSC_8568We decided not to hike dn dow DSC_8572  DSC_8596DSC_8633 DSC_8635 DSC_8639 DSC_8646DSC_8648 DSC_8656 DSC_8660 DSC_8643 DSC_8687And back to camp for Grandma’s dutch oven ribs! I couldn’t properly document how delish they were because my fingers were covered in their yummy goodness!DSC_8700 DSC_8697 DSC_8708DSC_8734DSC_8713DSC_8720DSC_8736 DSC_8742DSC_8744


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