100 Days of Summer-July part 2

Day 51/100

The kids got new lego sets and played with them until bedtime….

Day 52/100 ….and woke up in the morning and went right back to playing in the same spots.

DSC_8771Family pictures DSC_8808DSC_8889DSC_8900DSC_8906DSC_8911DSC_8931DSC_8950DSC_8972DSC_9005
dsc_8973DSC_9027dsc_9037Day 53/100 Swimming with friends!dsc_9065
dsc_9090dsc_9074Day 54/100 Rock climbing at the YMCA, an almost weekly excursion. These kids rock!

dsc_9119 dsc_9117dsc_9115

My niece did this awesome climb for this first time, she is so tough!


Day 55/100 What they do when I ask them to pose..dsc_9150It’s the candid moments that melt me.. like big brother reading to little brother on the top bunk..dsc_9194-2Day 56/100 Trying a new technique I heard about, shooting through a magnifying glass! It was so much fun!dsc_9206dsc_9227 dsc_9236dsc_9239 dsc_9251dsc_9257Day 57/100 We asked the kids what they wanted to do with the rest of the summer, such as go to the water park, float the river, go to the outdoor movie in the park… etc. And little Jace immediately said “Watch the sunrise!” So of course we had to make that happen for my little Sweetheart. We got up early and hiked up a nearby hill to get a really good view.dsc_9263dsc_9264dsc_9268dsc_9270dsc_9276dsc_9278dsc_9282dsc_9288-recovereddsc_9307 dsc_9309dsc_9311 dsc_9312dsc_9319dsc_9321dsc_9330dsc_9333Day 58/100 For my birthday my hubby made my dinner and we ate it with all my family. What more could I ask? He also got me a backpacking pack to use for our upcoming trip.dsc_9363 dsc_9373Day 59/100 puddles at sunset and a baggie over the lensdsc_9424dsc_9430 dsc_9437dsc_9448dsc_9459dsc_9473dsc_9486dsc_9470Day 60/100 He gives me the best smiles when he thinks he’s doing something naughty. 🙂 He thought he was really getting away with something mischievous here by sitting on the rail.dsc_9601Photo shoot with the little guy I babysit. dsc_9603dsc_9674dsc_9686dsc_9688 dsc_9630Day 61/100 memories old and new

DSC_9695Day 63/100 I said “Stay there! You look so cute in that light.” And Kyler said, “That makes me feel so good when you tell me I look cute!” dsc_9713-2A family shoot I did later that day. I’ve done several shoots for these guys across two states, and I’m so glad they’ve stuck with me!


Day 64/100 We found this little guy in the front yard.dsc_9927Baskin Robbins has the best Oreo ice cream and Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, fyi. (I had a scoop of each). And there was the best light too!

Day 65/100 Trying out still life photos, something I’d really like to pursue!dsc_9995



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