100 Days of Summer-August

Day 66/100 When you build a fort, you’ve got to sleep in it, right?dsc_0029-pano

Day 68/100 My sister is my rock and my best buddy.  I can tell absolutely anything to her and she won’t think less of me. She also took the pictures of me and the kids coming up. She’s got some photo skills!dsc_0064dsc_0081dsc_0095

dsc_0099dsc_0100dsc_0103dsc_0105dsc_0106dsc_0109dsc_0115dsc_0117dsc_0120dsc_0125dsc_0126 dsc_0130dsc_0132dsc_0134dsc_0135Day 70/100dsc_0151dsc_0152 dsc_0154Day 71/100 Haircut day! dsc_0164dsc_0171Day 72/100 Candid portraitdsc_0207Day 73/100 First day of school! 2nd Grade!!

Day 75/100 Playing in the shadows.dsc_0237Day 76/100 Bus stop

Day 77/100 Kisses, loose tooth and gorgeous morning light. I cannot get enough of his beautiful face, it always melts me.



We took my Dad to the racetrack for his birthday. After growing up here, it was sad to say that I’ve never been there!



Day 78/100 Way past sunset, very low light.


dsc_0344 dsc_0324Day 79/100 When in doubt, I turn to my geraniums. I will miss this cute little front yard when we move out of this condo someday.

I hate homework almost as much as he does.dsc_0384Day 80/100dsc_0396dsc_0403
Day 81/100dsc_0427 dsc_0432dsc_0441dsc_0445Picnic outside with friends.dsc_0453 dsc_0456dsc_0459dsc_0486Day 82/100 The nearby forest fires created this red morning light.dsc_0500


Day 83/100 Morning snuggles in the kitchen




Day 83/100 We spent the afternoon at a local pond that has kayak and paddle board rentals at it. We celebrate three birthdays in August in my family, so we had a big joint party. The kids were all on the paddle board with my husband out in the middle and jumping off to swim in the pond. Kyler had been in the water, but holding on to the side of the paddle board when his Dad jumped off. The board bucked up in Kyler’s face and out came his loose tooth!! After crying some, Kyler was pleased to find his tooth laying on the paddle board.

He looks way too old in these pictures!


Day 85/100 Watering my flowers for me.

Day 86/100

Day 87/100


Look who lost another tooth! This time Daddy pulled it.

Day 88/100 Morning messes, breakfast, reflections, and a baby clinging to me at all times.


Look who got glasses!!! He insisted on these red ones!

Day 89/100

Mark and I went on a beautiful backpacking trip as a get away together. I will have to do a separate post with those pictures. Here’s one though.dsc_0774

Day 91/100

dsc_0952 dsc_0961

Someone lost another tooth!

dsc_0976Day 93/100 First day of preschool!

Day 96/100 Playground fun

Day 98/100 Labor Day hike


dsc_1044Day 99/100 Friends who will dig for worms with you are the best friends.

dsc_1064Day 100/100! My friend is running in a local pageant and asked me to do some headshots for her. Isn’t she beautiful!?




One thought on “100 Days of Summer-August

  1. Wow, wow, wow! Such a talent, Lauren!!! I could sit and stare at these for more than an hour. Not kidding. The way you use light and shadows, especially on the kids’ faces… it intrigues me. I love the one of your son squatting on top of the table. Haha! Something my Jed would do. And I love those pictures of you in the pool with your boys!!! Priceless.


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