Project 365-January

I enjoyed my 100 days of summer project so much that I decided to do a 365 this year. That’s a picture a day for a year! It sounds daunting at the moment, but I’ve accomplished one month so far and I’m excited to see where the growth takes me.

1/365 It’s always hard to take the Christmas tree down. We moved into our new (for us) home on December 17, ripped out carpet and painted walls up until the 20th and got new carpet on the 21st, set up the tree on the 23rd and had family arrive on the 24th to enjoy Christmas with us in our new home.  So it was hard for me to take down the tree this year, it stayed up about a week after this. jan12/365dsc_45033/365dsc_4511dsc_4514


dsc_45405/365dsc_4551dsc_45726/365dsc_4617 dsc_4625dsc_4637dsc_4607

7/365 We have had an incredible amount of snow for this area, I love the snow, but we’re tired of shoveling!


9/365 They think they own my bed and my phone, lol.dsc_468910/365 We had 5 snow days in a row and these kids were home bound and having to figure out what to do to entertain themselves. I just love these smiles.


dsc_4701Dad found ways to keep them busy though! He takes every opportunity he can to teach them.

11/365    dsc_4733  12/365 Selfies… I prefer the out of focus one, lol.


13/365 I painted a dark wall in the play room, I already love it.

dsc_4836 dsc_4862

14/365 Late night snap shots. Some days are a struggle. My big boy loves to dance with me.


I’ll take a cheesy smile when it’s given freely.

dsc_487516/365 We just love having this little guy over when we babysit him. He is such a joy and I love having a little one to photograph.dsc_4918dsc_490017/365 These pictures are of a house I designed with my mom. My parents are builders and they’ve let me join the team and do interior design work for them, one of my many other passions. I love how this kitchen turned out. It’s very comfortable and inviting. I am creating another blog and a Houzz page to feature the houses we’ve done. So stay tuned for that!DSC_4935.jpg

DSC_4948.jpg18/365 My kids got these Amaze Balls for Christmas and have spent hours of focused attention on solving them. I have never seen this kid sit and concentrate for so long before. It has been so awesome for him!dsc_495519/365 This is like deja vu, my dad used to play marble works with me as a kid. I love seeing him do it with my son now.

20/365 freelensed

21/365 Getting in the frame

22/265 My sister often does my dishes when she’s at my house, she’s the best.

dsc_508923/365 Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…dsc_5117Silver white winters that melt into spring… (can’t wait for that!)dsc_5120dsc_510224/365


dsc_5261dsc_5262dsc_5257dsc_5276dsc_529226/365 night shadows

dsc_535527/365 There’s nothing like shooting some gorgeous nature to make me feel like I’ve got my groove back on. To be honest, this month has been a drag and I haven’t been feeling like picking up the camera. When I force myself to do it anyway and shoot through it I am always glad I did. That is what this project is about for me. I can’t wait around for the desire to shoot to come over me before I pick up the camera. I’m getting too busy for that and it wasn’t getting done after my 100 days of summer project ended. I’m grateful for this month of pictures, even if a few days were just snap shots.


dsc_5430 dsc_5419 dsc_5433 dsc_5435-2    dsc_5451 dsc_544928/365 I woke up in the middle of night panicked that I hadn’t taken a picture that day. Then I remembered a couple cell phone snaps I took, not what I had wanted, but at least it was something. I also regretted not taking my big camera to my husbands’ work party because it was in such a cool building with brick walls, exposed beams and hanging lights. I should’ve at least taken more pics with the phone! My cute hubby’s in the back on the left with the cardiac surgery team he works with. He’s a nurse and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

29/365 People probably think I’m weird when they see me out shooting a pine tree or a little bush on the ground next to a parking lot. Oh well, that’s when I’m in the zone. So here’s a shot looking down at myself thinking of how ridiculous I probably look and how I don’t really care.

dsc_547830/365 Watching youtube videos before bed. It drives me nuts when they’re supposed to be in bed and he just wants to show them one more funny video. But it is cute when they snuggle. Like I said, some days were just snap shots, hopefully I will be better next month about creating with thoughtfulness each day instead of trying to get something last minute.dsc_548831/365  baby lovin’

dsc_5507 dsc_5498


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