Day 32/365


33/365 I missed a day! Whoops, but I think I took one on my phone.

34/365 My little reader!! This is such an exciting milestone to see him putting sounds together to make words. It makes this mama so happy. These images are freelensed.DSC_5583DSC_557835/365




39/365 Another iPhone day. My hubby surprised me with this camera strap after stalking my Pinterest boards and figuring out what I wanted and ordered it straight from the pinned link. What a sweetie, huh?FullSizeRender 40/365DSC_5775







DSC_6017 copy


Mighty Man holding up his bed, hehe. 🙂

DSC_6105 DSC_6130 DSC_612546/365 My first fridge photos, and my new 24mm Sigma Art! I was unsure at first, it is so much wider than I’m used to, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with it!

42/365 Trying out the new 24 mm, I can’t believe I can stand at my back door and get both sides of the covered patio. This is going to be fun!

Forbidden fruit, lol.


I always love the evening light in my bedroom, we call it the Sunset Room, since we can watch the sunset there every night.





49/365 When in doubt at the end of the day, if I haven’t taken a picture yet, I photograph my kids sleeping. It may just be a mom shot, but it’s a memory I want to treasure as they grow. This is what’s great about the 365 project, there’s always another day for a masterpiece, but today’s picture will be about memories.DSC_635350/365

DSC_636251/365 Elevator selfies, and I don’t know why Jace has to sit every chance he gets. Should I be concerned?DSC_6381Doctor’s visit, and Kyler had double ear infections, I thought they both had them, but Jace was perfectly fine.

DSC_639152/365 I love the light in his room in the morning, we call his room the Sunrise Room, where we can watch the sunrise any  morning we want.

DSC_639853/365 Dinner prep

54/365 Hugs all around. Jace is so affectionate, and Kyler can hardly stand receiving it, at least from his brother. Dad felt left out so he swooped right in, can you see two boys in that hug?

DSC_643955/365DSC_6485 DSC_647456/365 Aunt Kelly and Uncle Tyler’s farm. Can you see the grazing sheep? This is in the Portland area in February, can you image how green it is later in the spring? This scene always amazes me. There’s a lot of peace and joy to be found at this place.DSC_6557-Pano


My sister and niece, aren’t they cute?

My sis and her boyfriend on his birthday, out to eat at this cool restaurant.

Me and my sis at the top of the elevator overlooking the river.

57/365 At the DQ on the way home. They had the best windows! I had to run back out to the car for the camera when I saw these windows.

DSC_670258/365 He started to read beginner books! He’s so excited he’s been carrying it around reading it to everybody.



DSC_6758 We recently moved out of this condo that my parents own and they put it up for sale by owner and luckily got a buyer rather quickly. Here are some pictures I took of it to show the remodel work done. I don’t know where a before picture is, it has been done in stages over several years. My grandma lived here first and then my sister for 5 years. When she was there the cabinets were painted, when I moved in I painted the walls and exchanged the vertical blinds for curtains and my parents put in the laminate wood flooring in the kitchen. After we moved out the carpets and countertops were replaced. It looks so amazing and I’m a little nostalgic over it. It was definitely too small for us and I love where we’re at, but this little place will always hold a spot in my heart. It’s where all of my 100 days of summer pictures were taken.

I started a monthly color challenge and February was red! Here’s my collage, next month is green. I’m excited for this year of color that lies ahead.red



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