60/365DSC_689361/365 “Mama, I made you a marshmallow man.”DSC_6900-Edit62/365 Does my identity always have to be defined by smudges on the mirror?DSC_692063/365 yellow vase yellow tableDSC_693564/365bed65/365

DSC_7055DSC_7063DSC_7070DSC_707566/365DSC_708667/365 Missed a day, whoops!

68/365 After school hugs, those moments when I realize they actually like each other.DSC_710569/365 Some days I take a lot of pictures…







DSC_751574/365 The view I see a hundred times a day.DSC_7581 DSC_752175/365 The view I woke up to the day before St. Patty’s day.DSC_760176/365

DSC_762377/365 Sometimes it’s a last minute snap shot for my pic for the day..DSC_785678/365 Missed another day! I’m not doing so good here..

79/365 Cooking dinner and watching the light change on the shrimp.DSC_7874

80/365 Dutch oven in the flower beds, a family tradition to make dutch oven ribs, and fruit pizza for birthdays.

81/365 A photo shoot I did with some girls at our church that I do youth group with.

And the daughter of my partner, she’s such doll!

82/365 pollenating


84/365 Missed a day… not worrying about perfection here, it may be the 350 project by the end instead of the 365 project. Oh well!

85/365 Late night rain storms..DSC_821186/365

March’s green month!


I have a few days left to share for the month but I will be sharing in a spring break blog post during which we went to Southern Utah. Here’s a sneak peak.



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