Februrary Freelensing

I did a lot of freelensing this month!! My other projects this month included focusing on hair, self portraits with intentional gaze and the color pink! Follow the blog loop around by clicking on this link to see the amazing Diana Hagues.DSC_6927






DSC_7773Be sure to click and follow along to Diana Hagues.



4 thoughts on “Februrary Freelensing

  1. Oh my, these are all so dreamy. There is just something about hair I love. The tiny details that us mothers just love always tug on my heart big time ❤ I'm also in love with those snow shots, and the rose as well. Self portraits too (rock on girl, I still haven't nailed freelensed self portraits yet despite doing 52 weeks of self portraits last year hahahah!).


  2. I love all of these Lauren!! You know I love all the snow images, espically the close up one of your little guy with the snow falling in his hair! So adorable! Your freelensed self portraits are always so good and inspire me to do it more often!


  3. Wow more awesome freelensed self portraits! I love how wonderfully you captured that simple joy of a little snowfall in the backyard. And those cookies look heavenly.


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