March Freelensing

This month I am  participating in a project through March to freelens every day for all 31 days. So for my blog share today, I am sharing the first half of the month so far. Once you’re done here, be sure to follow the blog circle around to see the other ladies amazing freelensing from the Free 52 group!

Day 1    Science Projects

DSC_3128 DSC_3135Day 2

Day 3 The spaceship and the space termites.

Day 4


Day 5

DSC_3256Day 6

I showed him how to hold the camera and lens to freelens and told him to just start snapping, I’m impressed that he got the puppy’s eye in focus on the first one.


Day 7

DSC_3290Kyler was in a program for school all about Lewis and Clark, here’s his costume as a Native American, he was so beyond excited about this program and he did great! The outfit is authentic pieces that my husband collected while living on the Flathead Reservation in Northern Montana as a boy. DSC_3314

Day 8

Day 9

I have to give credit for this flower idea to Jana Butman, I saw her do this cut rose image years ago and it popped into my head to try it.

Day 10 From the upstairs bathroom window. I don’t think the puppy liked the tramp much.

Day 11 On a walk with my sister and her puppy. Our goldens are 6 weeks apart and play hard! They run all over this hill at full speed, trying to snap at each other and wrestle the whole time. Add some boys into the mix and it gets really fun.DSC_3433


DSC_3496Day 12

This time I gave my oldest the camera and showed him how to freelens. He only got one in focus, but I actually like the out of focus ones. I like how they feel more like a watercolor painting and show the simple lines of my face rather than the details.


Follow the loop around to see Sonia’s beautiful work!!



One thought on “March Freelensing

  1. I love all your self-portraits, Lauren! So incredible how you freelensed them. The one of the spaceship and termites are so funny. My boys were inspired to pretend to play in space too after learning it as a topic in school. Beautiful series.


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